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Great Expectations!

Hey church, 

It's Friday and for many of us that marks the end of the working week and the beginning of the weekend! Yee hah!

What have you got planned? Perhaps a sneaky drink tonight with colleagues at a cool small bar, brunch with friends tomorrow morning, eggs benedict at your fave cafe, mowing the lawns, brewing a good cup of English breakfast and flicking through The Weekend Australian or maybe all of the above! 

Whatever you've got planned I really do hope that you've scheduled in gathering with your brothers and sisters in Christ at one of our sites this Sunday - Trinity Gardens (10am), Kensington (8.30am & 10.30am) or Norwood (10am & 5pm).

In addition I hope that you've not just scheduled getting along to a gathering but that you've got great expectations for what will happen when you do get together. 

Remember that the great focus of God's work on planet earth is rescuing a people for himself to join Him in the new creation and enjoy Him forever! When we gather together to sing, pray, listen to God's word, drink weak cordial and less than excellent coffee we are preparing for forever with God! 

A really exciting feature of God's 'forever mob' is that they'll be 'from every nation, tribe, people and language...' (Rev 7.9) We get a glimpse of this each time we gather as we, the variegated people of God, hang out and we get the opportunity to help one another keep trusting Jesus as we see that great Day approaching. 

So come along this Sunday with great expectations and get your hands dirty, serve sacrificially, love like God and experience lasting joy that is only found in Jesus! 

Keep on keeping on in Him, 


[Senior Associate Pastor GAN] 

PS: just in case you're worried - there won't be any weak cordial or dodgy coffee in the new creation just the finest of meats and aged wine at the banquet table of the Lord! (see Isaiah 25) 






TONIGHT: Spring forward!

Hey church! 

Remember that daylight saving begins tonight. This means that church will feel like an hour earlier. Because it is!

Wind your clock forward by 1-hour tonight before your go to sleep. 

Enjoy church tomorrow - sing loud, love your neighbour and expect God to speak to you... keep trusting Jesus, 

Simon (Pastor and timekeeper!) 

Bring - Build - Send

Hey church, 

Here at the Grace Network we are a church on mission to make Jesus known.  We want to see people transformed into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ by...

· bringing people to Christ

· building people up in Christ

· sending people out for Christ

... so that all people can glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

A great way to do all those things is to get involved in serving at your church, joining a small group and looking for ways to serve your community with others.  That's what elvanto is here to help us do, so thanks for checking in!

In Christ,

Sam Bleby

Minister, Grace Church Trinity Gardens.


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