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Hi there!  Welcome to the Grace Anglican Network Elvanto website.

You're seeing this message because you're not logged in yet.  Just click on the "Log In" link on the top right (or if you're on a mobile device, the round black menu button on the top left) to access your Elvanto account.

If you've received an email with your Elvanto username, you can use that to log in with.  You get to choose your own password the first time you log in. Make sure to remember your password for next time.  Please note that while there is an option to link your Elvanto account to your facebook account, you do not need to be a facebook user to use Elvanto.  Elvanto will not post to your facebook account.

If you've not been provided with a username, please contact the office to request an Elvanto account.  Please provide your name, and which service you attend.  Only those attending a Grace network church will receive access to Elvanto.